Overview of Calling-Us MAX functions

Calling-Us ® MAX differences between versions

Calling-Us ® MAX is available in four versions.
In the following table you will find the differences:

  Office Professional Enterprise
Basic functions
  Answering Machine
  SMS Info
  Info Message
  VIP Welcome
  Fax Inbox
  Number Changer
  Menu Selection
  Connect Device
  Exchange Device
  Password Security
  User Query
  Audio Monitor
  Voice Forwarding
  Voice Notification
  Fax Notification
  E-mail Notification
  SMS Notification
  Sound Event
  Tray Info
  Info Printer
  Caller Allocator
  Voice Allocator
  Fax Allocator
  E-mail Allocator
  Event Allocator
  Network Message  
  Client Outbox  
  Client Inbox  
  Client Notifiy  
  Client Call Monitor  
  Remote Administration  
Unified Messaging
  Fax Server    
  Fax Request Server    
  Fax Forwarding    
  E-mail Inbox    
  E-mail Forwarding    
  SMS Via Phone    
  Program Start    
  Datei Action    
  DTMF Input    
  DTMF Pool    
  Value Reader    
  INI Writer    
  DLL Function    
  DDE Request    
  HTTP Request    
  HTTP Listener    
  File Listener    
  LOG File    
  Config Loader    
  Number of simultaneous callers
2 2 2
  More B-channels possible  
  More clients possible  




Basic Functions:

  • Any number of answering machines can accept incoming calls under unlimited phone numbers. Every Answering Machine has individual messages and time profiles at its disposal. Any number of users can be notified via SMS about incoming voice messages and they will be able to listen to messages via a Message Request. The same is possible for receiving faxes.
  • With the Stats device call ins (televotings) can be conducted and evaulated.
  • Network functions are required for the Answering Machine and for receiving faxes on network workstations.



  • With the Menu Selection the caller can navigate via his telephone keyboard (DTMF) within certain information areas. The Connect and Exchange device make it possible - based on the preliminary selection by the caller - to redirect them to the best employee available. Outside business hours they may automatically request stored information.
  • The Callback function will cut your costs. Calling-Us ® MAX will call a variable target number and establish a connection on incoming calls or if specifically requested by the caller.
  • If you call Calling-Us ® MAX via the Audio Monitor device it is possible to listen to a microphone or a similar sound device and you will be able to hear what is going on in a certain room (e.g. babyphone or anti-theft device). Via this function you will be able say something through the speakers of your PC.



  • The user will be notified about selected events (like incoming calls, faxes etc.) via voice message, fax, Email or SMS regardless of their present location. The telephone number and the name of the caller will be sent as if necessary and available.
  • The sound, tray and print-info notification devices display incoming calls as sound, as balloon in the Windows taskbar or as paper message from your printer. Thus employees will be informed quickly about important events even if their screen is off.



  • This function gives you complete control over the flow of callers, messages etc. Thus it is e.g. possible to redirect caller at certain times to other employes or to an answering machine.
  • Besides being able to set fixed times it is also possible to configure the singal flow according to employees being present or absent.



  • One or more employees can monitor and control the Calling-Us ® server via network.
  • Connected clients can send faxes, voice messages or SMS via the network. An individual account can be created for every employee so that they will receive the correct messages or faxes for them.


Unified Messaging:

  • Business may offer automatical fax-request server which are time-dependent and programmable from the outside. Optionally, the caller can select the desired fax document via their phone keyboard.
  • Unified Messaging (UMS) functions will forward received faxes or Emails via SMS, fax or Email to the correct recipient. In doing so it is also possible that the subject line contains the number of the target fax as variable.



  • Via the Programming functions Calling-Us ® MAX can interact with your own developments based on C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, HTML, PHP or ASP.
  • Programmers and webdesigners can produce scripts or application which delivery tasks to Calling-Us ® MAX e.g. via HTTP requests. This way Calling-Us ® MAX sends a SMS or a fax, or to perform a call on an external request. For that an own web server is integrated in Calling-Us ® MAX.
  • In the other direction Calling-Us ® MAX will send requests to other programs or to ASP or PHP scripts. According to the return values it is e.g. possible to control the flow of calls. The Calling-Us ® MAX Value Reader will read out passwords or numbers.
  • This will enable e.g. database- or webserver-based ordering systems or systems for automatical information requests.

There are endless possibilities.
You will see it.

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