Business telephony

Unoccupied working places, employees being in meetings or travelling - those are the reasons why incoming calls do not reach anybody. This is of course a danger for business because thus customer loyality will be decreased. But with Calling-Us ® MAX this problem can be countered effectively, because it will forward incoming calls the best way possible or will at least provide information for the caller. From the Professional version upwards notification via phone, fax or SMS is possible for every working place.


You have an appointment with a customer. Meanwhile nobody can be reached in your business. You are on a business trip. But still you do not want give your mobile number to everybody just to be reachable. The Calling-Us ® MAX internal and external call forwarding is the perfect solution.


At home

Wouldn't it be nice if every family member had their own answering machine - optionally under their own phone number or via menu selection? Calling-Us ® MAX Standard provides answering machines with unlimited recording time, your own remote inquiry and SMS notification at new messages.


Calling-Us ® MAX Enterprise enables you to employ your own programs which use fax, SMS, voice, Email or Unifies Messaging function. Thus you can e.g. make webshops, internet presences or control and surveillance programs perform callback or notification calls via Calling-Us ® MAX Enterprise.

Serial dispatch

Who does not know serial faxes, e.g. as publicity campaign. However, responsible advertising via fax or customer acquisition addresses the customer directly and individually. And how about personalized serial SMS or voice messages?

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